Overview: Azure SQL


Organizations today navigate in a data-driven world, and in order to maintain their best performance, they should opt for the right solutions to harness the power of cloud computing. Having the right solutions to accelerate your data transformation is possible thanks to Azure SQL. 

Azure SQL is Microsoft’s family of intelligent products that utilize SQL Server database engine in the Azure Cloud. Made up of Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine, it allows organizations to migrate applications, use tools, and languages on the cloud, while helping ease the burden on their databases. 

Using the familiar SQL Server, with Azure SQL you can easily migrate, modernize, and support modern applications, as well as maintain compatibility and operating system level access. In addition, by transferring to the cloud, you can count on leveraging the possibilities Azure SQL can bring to your organization. 

Azure SQL benefits for midsize organizations

With a robust range of options, Azure SQL can help your organization get the best data experience in the cloud. With Azure SQL database, your organization can easily:

  • Migrate SQL workloads to Azure Virtual Machines, while maintaining SQL server compatibility
  • Support, modernize, and extend your cloud and hybrid applications. Plus, get real-time insights.
  • Deploy Azure SQL on-premises and multi-cloud environments.
  • Stay up to date and get automated updates, patches, and backups.
  • Keep your data safe with built-in, real-time intelligent security.

Succeed in your Microsoft Cloud Projects

With Team Venti's expertise and Microsoft's best practices on Azure
modern business meeting IT management

Succeed in your Microsoft Cloud Projects

With Team Venti's expertise and Microsoft's best practices on Azure

Why choose Team Venti’s Azure SQL consulting services?

Besides having 100% SQL Server compatibility, full control on the OS and SQL server level, when you acquire Team Venti’s services, you gain consulting services that assess your environment to get the most out of your investment.

With Team Venti’s Azure SQL consulting services, you can count on: 

  • SQL server health checks
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • SQL server upgrades
  • SQL Server security assessment to find security issues
  • Environment evaluation to provide you with the right insights about an Azure Cloud Migration
  • Prepared professionals that will provide guidance and 24/7 critical admin SQL Server support

Team Venti’s services can help your organization grow its potential in the cloud. Being a powerful database management tool, it provides advanced features that can leverage your investment through flexible pricing and service tiers. Dare to discover what Microsoft has to offer you for your data strategy.

Talk with one of our experts to learn more on how to start your Azure SQL journe.

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