Security hardening with Microsoft 365 Business Premium


Microsoft 365 Business Premium is a complete, intelligent solution that brings together Microsoft 365 cloud-productivity solutions, Office suite, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, among other services. This subscription is a great fit for small and medium sized businesses, with up-to 300 users, looking to consolidate their collaboration, communication, and productivity tools, while also keeping their company data secure across devices.

Hart InterCivic Inc., an American company that supplies election technologies and services, contacted our team after having recently upgraded their Microsoft 365 subscription to Business Premium. They needed our help with hardening the security of their Microsoft 365 environment, here is how we did it.

This project consisted of the deployment and configuration of Defender for Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online Protection. Our team of experts designed and collaborated in the execution of a plan to enable proactive security measures ensuring the organization was taking advantage of more of their new investment. 

Optimize resources and focus on your business goals with our Microsoft Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, guidance & support
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Optimize resources and focus on your business goals with our Microsoft Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, guidance & support

Secure Score 

As a first step we reviewed the Microsoft Secure Score. This tool helps to not only measure the organization’s current security posture, but also provides recommendations based on the existing subscription levels and Microsoft best practices. 

Defender for Office 365 

Secondly, we went to deploy and configure the security features provided and included with Defender for Office 365.

  • Safe links to scan links at time-of-click
  • Safe attachments for Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online in Teams, to scan and quarantine malicious/suspicious files
  • Anti-phishing protection to detect and prevent impersonation attempts


Exchange Online Protection 

As part of the same project, we configured some basic Exchange Online Protection policies to make for a more secure baseline.

  • Anti-spam to help identify and separate junk email from legitimate email
  • Anti-malware to protect against known viruses, spyware, and ransomware threats
  • Anti-phishing to help protect against messages that appear to be from legitimate or trusted senders


Exchange Online Archiving

To meet the organization’s specific archiving requirements, we enabled some policies in their admin center. This will allow users to save space in their email inbox, which is usually limited to 50 or 100 GB, depending on their assigned Microsoft 365 license. 

Concluding thoughts

At the completion of this project, Hart InterCivic Inc. was able to improve their Microsoft Secure Score. By leveraging our Security Hardening approach, they were able to use more of the features and services that they were already paying for, therefore maximizing their Microsoft 365 investment. 

If you want to maximize your Microsoft 365 environment value and have friendly Microsoft specialists by your side along the way, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Lucy Camero

Lucy Camero

365 Cloud Store Brand Manager

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