Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fixed Lifecycle Policy

SQL Server is a unique Microsoft tool that has been helping organizations’ database management, providing business intelligence analytics, and helping app development both in servers and the cloud. This year, Microsoft announced its upgrade to Fixed Lifecycle Policy. 


The version released 2012 is changing its policy effective July 12, 2022. If your organization enjoyed the following editions: Business Intelligence, Developer, Enterprise, Enterprise Core, Express, for Embedded Systems, Standard, or Web on Service Pack 4 (starting October 2017) reach out to one of Team Venti’s experts to carry out this transition. 

Fixed Lifecycle Policy specifications

  • World wide applicable policies 
  • Consistent and transparent software guidelines for customers
  • Reliable customer assistance and support
  • Specific lifecycle timeline according to product family and its versions

This update will allow your organization to run a certain legacy on Microsoft products past the end of support. It includes Critical and/or Important security updates. Please do not hesitate to reach out so we can guide you to the next steps your IT team should take.