Azure Virtual Desktop Setup: LASALLE University Academic Case Study

Azure Virtual Desktop Setup: LASALLE University Academic Case Study

During the challenging times of the pandemic, the education sector faced unprecedented obstacles. The need to adapt to a new all-digital modality became crucial for students, teachers, and school administrations worldwide. This case study explores how Azure Virtual Desktop setup (VD) emerged as a transformative solution for LASALLE University in Philadelphia, PA, addressing the academic needs of its alumni in a rapidly changing educational landscape.

From Physical Classrooms to the Virtual Cloud

LASALLE University, like many institutions, faced a unique challenge during the pandemic: maintaining academic continuity without traditional classrooms and labs. Team Venti, as a technology solutions provider, stepped in to bridge this gap by crafting a comprehensive VDI solution tailored to the diverse needs of various academic departments.

Empowering Individual Needs with Customized Desktops

A key aspect of the solution involved creating specialized “Golden Images” for different groups. These virtual desktops came pre-loaded with specific applications and functionalities relevant to each faculty or student group, ensuring a personalized learning experience from the moment students log in.

Cost-Efficiency Through BYOD

The VDI solution also embraced the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach, allowing students to utilize their personal devices to access their virtual learning environments. This strategy significantly reduced hardware costs for the university, making education more accessible for a wider student body.

The Cloud Advantage: Scalability, Flexibility, and Cost Savings

By migrating their infrastructure to the cloud, LASALLE University unlocked numerous benefits. The cloud offered enhanced scalability and flexibility, allowing the university to effortlessly adapt to changes in student enrollment or resource needs. Additionally, cloud-based infrastructure significantly reduced administrative costs, freeing up valuable IT resources for other essential tasks.

Harnessing the Power of Cloud-Based Tools

VDI seamlessly integrates with cloud-based tools like Microsoft Teams and OneDrive, fostering collaborative learning amongst students and faculty. Access to these tools empowers students to effectively leverage them for communication, resource sharing, and project work, enriching the overall learning experience.

Supporting Hybrid Learning Models for Personalized Learning

VDI caters to the growing trend of hybrid learning models, offering the university the flexibility to create multiple and customized VDI sessions. This enables them to accommodate the diverse learning needs of their student body, ensuring everyone has access to a personalized and effective learning environment regardless of their location.


Azure Professional Services

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Azure Professional Services

Succeed in your Microsoft Azure Cloud projects with our Azure consulting expertise & Microsoft’s best practices

Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop Setup:

  1. Customized Desktops: Virtual Desktops enable the creation of specific desktops, apps, and functions (Golden Image) for different teams, faculties, and groups, ensuring a personalized learning experience for all users.
  2. Cost Reduction with BYOD: The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) modality allows educational institutions to significantly reduce expenses associated with providing devices to students, making learning more accessible.
  3. Cloud Migration: Moving infrastructure to the Cloud can lead to substantial administration cost savings while enhancing scalability and flexibility.
  4. Leveraging Cloud Benefits: VD offers access to cloud-based tools such as OneDrive, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams, enabling alumni to utilize these resources effectively for learning and collaboration.
  5. Hybrid Modality Support: Virtual Desktops facilitate easy adaptation to hybrid learning modalities, allowing for multiple and customized sessions to accommodate diverse learning needs.

Are you a school administrator looking to enhance your institution’s academic experience and adapt to the evolving educational landscape? Consider the transformative potential of Azure Virtual Desktops. Book a meeting with one of our experts today to explore the transformative potential of this innovative solution.

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