What insights does my company gain through Intune device enrollment?


Microsoft Intune’s device enrollment feature is a pivotal component in the Microsoft Endpoint management service, tailored to facilitate the integration of external devices into your organizational ecosystem. Companies and administrators can leverage Intune to streamline control, customization, and security in the onboarding process, particularly in scenarios like BYOD and hybrid or remote work setups.

Key insights for companies and administrators

Comprehensive device information

  • Device model and serial number
  • Device owner
  • Device name
  • Manufacturer
  • Operating system
  • Device IMEI
  • App inventory and app names
  • Storage size
  • Location (only on corporate-owned devices)
This information ensures meticulous device management and enhances the organization’s ability to monitor and optimize the usage of enrolled devices.

Application management

Organizations can manage and request the installation of specific apps to enhance workflow efficiency on enrolled devices. This capability empowers administrators to align device functionality with organizational requirements seamlessly.

Privacy assurance for end-users

Personal information, such as calling history, web browsing history, emails, text messages, contacts, calendar details, passwords, pictures, and files, remains strictly confidential. This reinforces the commitment to end-user privacy and data security.

Corporate-owned android devices with work profile

Detailed restrictions on personal profile apps and data, maintaining a clear separation between personal and work-related information.

Want to adopt Intune? Get started with our Intune QuickStart

Discover the benefits of implemented Intune through an experienced Microsoft Partner.
Intune Quickstart

Want to adopt Intune? Get started with our Intune QuickStart

Discover the benefits of implemented Intune through an experienced Microsoft Partner.

Secure File Sharing Options with Microsoft Intune

To bolster secure file sharing within the organization, companies and administrators can utilize Microsoft Intune in conjunction with the following options:

  1. OneDrive for Business: Secure storage and controlled file sharing with customizable access permissions.
  2. SharePoint: Creation of secure SharePoint sites for organized file sharing, with user access control.
  3. Microsoft Teams: Collaborative file sharing within Teams, facilitating streamlined communication and project collaboration.

Microsoft Intune Enrollment – Elevating Device Management

Embrace the benefits of Microsoft Intune for efficient device management, while ensuring the privacy of personal information. This solution provides transparency and security, allowing companies and administrators to have granular control over accessible information.

For those looking to adopt Microsoft Intune, our Intune QuickStart provides a seamless initiation into the system. Explore the extensive possibilities of Microsoft Intune through our experience as a Microsoft Partner and witness the transformation of your device management strategies.

Delve deeper into our expertise in Microsoft Intune consulting and deployment services by exploring our enlightening case study. Discover how Microsoft Intune can elevate your device management to new heights, offering a robust solution for the dynamic needs of today’s organizations, by talking to one of our experts today!

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