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Microsoft Intune as MDM

Ensuring the security of organizational assets remains vital for sustaining operational efficiency. The digital era and the transition to a hybrid work model, has significantly increased the complexity of safeguarding corporate data and information. The proliferation of technological advancements has expanded the array of devices integral to company operations, extending beyond traditional PCs and laptops to encompass mobile phones and tablets, with Microsoft Intune as a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Microsoft Intune stands out as a robust solution for fortifying corporate data integrity. Going beyond conventional device management, which now includes PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, Microsoft Intune offers comprehensive control over applications.

This service not only addresses the current multifaceted device landscape but also ensures a secure framework for managing information access and sharing, thereby fortifying the foundation of your organization’s digital security architecture.

What is Microsoft Intune?

‘’Intune is a cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM)’’ -Microsoft Docs, 2023

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft that falls under the category of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). It is part of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager suite, which integrates with Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft Intune is designed to help organizations manage and secure their devices, applications, and data in a mobile-centric, cloud-first environment. Some key functionalities of Microsoft Intune include:

1. Mobile Device Management (MDM): Manages the entire lifecycle of mobile devices, from enrollment to security policy enforcement.

2. Mobile Application Management (MAM): Controls access to corporate apps and data on enrolled devices, even on personally owned ones.

3. Conditional Access Policies: Sets access controls based on conditions like device compliance or user identity.

4. Security Baselines: Applies predefined security configurations to maintain a consistent and secure posture.

5. Endpoint Security: Extends management and security capabilities to Windows PCs, macOS devices, and servers.

6. Integration with Microsoft 365: Works seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 services for a unified management experience.

What is Microsoft Intune features and benefits infographic

Microsoft Intune features:

  • Device Management:

    • Manages users and devices, both organization-owned and personally owned.
    • Supports various operating systems: Android, AOSP, iOS/iPadOS, Linux Ubuntu Desktop, macOS, and Windows client devices.
  • App Management:

    • Simplifies app management with built-in app experience.
    • Deploys, updates, and removes apps.
    • Connects to private app stores, enables Microsoft 365 apps, deploys Win32 apps, creates app protection policies, and manages access to apps and data.
  • Policy Automation:

    • Automates policy deployment for apps, security, device configuration, compliance, and conditional access.
    • Policies can be deployed to user groups and device groups.
    • Devices only require internet access to receive policies.
  • Self-Service Features:

    • Employees and students can use self-service features in the Company Portal app.
    • Features include PIN/password reset, app installation, group joining, etc.
    • Customization of the Company Portal app to reduce support calls.
  • Integration with Threat Defense:

    • Integrates with mobile threat defense services like Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and third-party partners.
    • Focuses on endpoint security, allows the creation of policies responding to threats, real-time risk analysis, and automated remediation.
  • Web-Based Admin Center:

    • Utilizes a web-based admin center for endpoint management.
    • Admins can sign in from any internet-accessible device.
    • Data-driven reporting available in the admin center.
  • Microsoft Graph REST APIs:

    • The admin center uses Microsoft Graph REST APIs for programmatic access.
    • Every action in the admin center is a Microsoft Graph call.
  • Advanced Endpoint Management and Security:

    • Microsoft Intune Suite offers advanced features.
    • Optional add-ons include Remote Help, Endpoint Privilege Management, Microsoft Tunnel for MAM, and more.

Microsoft Intune Consulting Services

Simplify, secure, and integrate your organization’s data, devices, and mobile applications through a powerful cloud-based management solution.
why team venti intune

Microsoft Intune Consulting Services

Simplify, secure, and integrate your organization’s data, devices, and mobile applications through a powerful cloud-based management solution.

Microsoft Intune Licensing

As organizations embrace modern workplace solutions, it’s essential to understand the various Microsoft Intune licensing models and features available to optimize device and application management, enhance security, and streamline administrative tasks.

Intune licensing requirements may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Microsoft offers three licensing options:

Microsoft Intune Plan 1 

A cloud-based unified endpoint management solution that is included in the following licenses:

Microsoft Intune Plan 2 

This is an add-on to Plan 1 that offers advanced endpoint management capabilities. Intune Plan 2 is included in Microsoft Intune Suite.

Microsoft Intune Suite 

An add-on to Microsoft Intune Plan 1, it unifies mission-critical advanced endpoint management and security solutions. 

For help with Intune licensing, we assess your needs, recommend suitable options, and aid in procurement. Our services include guidance on license management for cost-effective and efficient usage. Contact us for more information.

Microsoft Intune as MDM (Mobile Device Management: Consulting, Deployment & Support Services

Enable people from your organization to be productive on any device, without compromising your organizational data.

Securely manage apps, identities, and devices on remote or hybrid environments through Intune as MDM implementation.

Intune Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of your current Microsoft Intune environment, ensuring seamless integration, optimal performance, and adherence to Microsoft best practices.

Intune QuickStart: 2-week implementation​

Quick and simple way to deploy an Intune environment with cost, deliverables, and schedule predictability. Learn more here.

Intune consulting services

Expert guidance tailored to your organization’s wants, facilitating successful acceptance and utilization of Microsoft Intune’s advanced features. Learn more here.

Intune support services

Dedicated assistance and troubleshooting for Microsoft Intune, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and quick issue resolution.

Intune Portal knowledge transfer

Empowering your team with hands-on expertise through personalized knowledge transfer, enabling effective management and utilization of the Intune portal’s capabilities.

Intune Licensing

Get seamless device management and security with Intune Licensing. By partnering with a Microsoft CSP, your organization gains expert support and flexible licensing options that empower your organization to thrive.

Why Team Venti for your Intune as MDM deployment

Team Venti, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, brings over 7 years of expertise in Microsoft Intune deployment, planning, and support services. Choosing Team Venti for your Intune deployment offers various benefits:

1. Expertise and Guidance: Certified experts collaborate closely to deploy and manage your Intune environment based on Microsoft best practices.

2. Faster Deployment: Utilize Intune QuickStart for a quick, predictable deployment, reducing time and resource requirements.

3. Microsoft Best Practices: Implement tailored Intune policies, configurations, and reports following Microsoft best practices.

4. Support and Training: Ensure a smooth deployment with comprehensive remote admin and end-user training, backed by ongoing support.

5. Cost Savings: Leverage Team Venti’s experience and Microsoft best practices for optimized deployment, improving efficiency, and maximizing resources.

6. Tailored Deployment: Align Intune environments with existing policies, profiles, and settings to meet specific organizational needs.

7. Remote Admin Training: Thorough training during connection and onboarding, including knowledge transfer, online resources, documentation, and ongoing technical support.

8. Migration Assistance: Team Venti assists with migrating from current MDM solutions to Microsoft Intune, providing support in developing migration plans, configuring settings, enrolling devices, and migrating policies.

If you want to start managing devices and applications or simply want to know more about what Intune and Team Venti can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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