Why Azure Managed Services are an excellent choice for your organization

Cloud continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of IT spend. However, the journey to cloud adoption has not been one way forward.

Recent companies have been created as cloud natives; others have progressively migrated with most companies following a hybrid distribution. With last year’s events this process accelerated. However, some companies have now returned some of their apps to premises after migrating.

Why some companies are going back to premises

The February 2021 survey “State of the Hybrid Cloud” Arlington Research and Virtana, surveyed 350 IT leaders in late 2020 to assess their move of traditional on-premises assets or workloads to the public cloud in 2021. Their findings revealed that:

“72% of respondents state that their organization required applications to be repatriated for performance or cost reasons, or a combination of both, as a result of insufficient planning.”

Nonetheless more than 95% of respondents had already started migrating to the cloud. Taking both numbers into consideration, we can imply that companies are migrating, but not necessarily getting cloud right in their first try. This has a deep impact in how much time and effort it takes to migrate to the cloud.

Why it makes sense to have a partner for Azure

As mentioned above, having a partner to assist you makes sense to a lot of companies. It involves less effort, both in time and resources.

For one side, you leverage their cloud related expertise, precisely to get cloud right the first time. On the other hand, it also helps reduce costs. The investment in managed services with a certified partner tends to be much less than the one that would be needed to hire a team that would equivalate to your partner’s expertise.

Also, by continously looking for ways to improve your Azure consumption, your company will be able to optimize its costs. Furthermore, our services offer critical admin support with 30 min SLA, you’ll be able to create and follow up on tickets and project updates in our support portal

Please contact us for a specialized consultation on why our Azure Managed services would be helpful for your organization.