Why Mobile Device Management is important


Long gone are the days in which employees only had their work computer and only connected to company systems. Nowadays, with the increased capability of mobile devices, employees connect through multiple company owned or personal devices. 

Mobile device management enables Admins and IT teams to monitor and manage mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It allows them to monitor and control aspects such as: securing the device in case of it being stolen or getting lost, location of the device, app permissions, etc. 

However, these are not the only benefits of MDM. Here are some reasons why Mobile Device Management is important for your organization

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Reduces security risks 

MDM allows admins to have control over extremely sensitive data, from managing to even wiping data off devices. It also allows mandatory passwords and multi-factor authentication for a more secure log-in. 

With Mobile Device Management you can update software at a scale, so you can ensure that security vulnerabilities are fixed across devices. 

Simplifies IT demands/processes 

The modern workplace has more devices than ever, so managing them can be extremely difficult and tiring for IT staff. An MDM solution simplifies internal IT demands and processes, such as monitoring devices, updating software across devices, watching out for security vulnerabilities, and more. 

Investing in MDM boosts the productivity of the IT department, and it makes them able to do a better job. 

Improves workflow and boosts productivity 

Mobile Device Management facilitates more efficient collaboration and workflow management, as well as promoting flexibility, since it allows workers to work from anywhere. 

MDM allows managers to quickly assign tasks and organize teams, while monitoring the progress of multiple projects at once. 

These tools help not only the IT department, but whole organizations that are looking to leverage technology to streamline internal operations. 

Protect your corporate data while optimizing app use and user permissions across devices and stay on top of the ever-changing work environment. For more information on how to take advantage of MDM and our Microsoft Intune services, please contact us. 


Lucy Camero

Lucy Camero

Team Venti Brand Manager

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