3 Office apps in Teams features to increase collaboration

Collaboration in the workforce is essential to achieve good teamwork, encourage innovation and be productive to achieve individual and company objectives, which is one of the main reasons of Office apps in Teams.

In the past year, we’ve learned a lot about remote work. We know spontaneity, creativity and rich collaboration can be a challenge for businesses since they depend on more technological tools. This allows them to increase productivity and collaboration to achieve a good connection with their clients.

Microsoft Teams have seen the growing need for virtual team creativity and thus, gives solutions that are fluid, dynamic, and cloud powered. These enable collaboration from anywhere and at any time.

In this article we will show you 3 Office apps in Teams that will help you collaborate with your team.

Collaborate and create with Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams

Design thinking and sharing ideas is easy with a Whiteboard.

Microsoft Whiteboard helps teams hold effective meetings, visualize ideas, and work creatively with notes, forms, templates, and more.

In your Teams meeting, tap on the share button, and you will see Whiteboard show up among the options. Select, and let the brainstorm begin.


It’s also simple to preare your Whiteboard ahead of the meeting. Simply double click the meeting invite in Teams Calendar, click the Whiteboard tab and prepare your Whiteboard. When the meeting starts, your pre-prepared whiteboard is already in the meeting. You can lay out text, sticky notes, write out your agenda, and more.


Gone are the days of “can someone take a picture of the whiteboard and share it with the group?” All of the work will automatically be saved, so your team can refer back to and update it whenever they need to.

Get real-time feedback from participants using Polls in Teams

Whether you are running a large-scale training session, leading your monthly all-hands, or teaching in a remote classroom, Polls in Teams meetings enable presenters to get real-time feedback. This feature turns attendees into active participants.

As the meeting presenter or organizer, you can prepare polls in advance. Here are the 5 simple steps to create polls:


Transform your presenting experience with PowerPoint Live in Teams

Reading the room, seeing people’s expressions and natural interactions, became more difficult to do when in a virtual meeting.

This is no longer a challenge with PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams, which is an exclusive and unique experience that benefits both presenters and audience members. Offering the rich presenting capabilities of PowerPoint and the collaboration of Microsoft Teams gives meeting participants the tools to interact, engage, and follow along in a way that fits their needs.

PowerPoint Live in Teams gives you all the tools you need to present confidently. You can now review notes, engage in chats, and see your audience – all in one view.


Source: Microsoft

The challenge of working remotely every day is less of a concern considering the potential of technology and tools like Microsoft Whiteboard, Polls, and PowerPoint Live in Teams. These helps make virtual creativity natural, engaging, and designed for the ways we work today and in the future.

Our experts can help you create a world where your team connects, shares ideas, and innovates no matter what space and time. For more information, please contact us. 


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