5 tips for a strategic digital transformation

5 tips for a strategic digital transformation

Nowadays, we have countless technological alternatives to boost and succeed in the digital transformation world.

A world that is constantly changing and facing new challenges needs leaders that are ready, daring, and brave to take their teams and organizations to the next level, through strategic actions and an eye that looks into the future to achieve success.

As the pandemic has evolved, unique needs have become known. Over the months, companies have faced unprecedented situations – such as lockdown – that have forced them into finding solutions and alternatives to keep spirits up, maintain efficiency, and avoid downsizing.

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However, a lack of digital tools has never been an issue. Leadership during a restructuring process is what will define the future, and success rate of a company, as well as the decisions and steps decided to take.

According to The Enterprisers Project, here are 5 things to take into consideration, as a leader, when making decisions towards digital transformation:

1. An opportunity

Although digital transformation is about technology, this shouldn’t be the start point. To begin with, it is relevant to assume the problem, and within it, the solution. Making this transformation process can be about improving customer experience, reducing friction, increasing productivity, or elevating profitability.

2. Learn on your team

Digital transformation involves teamwork. During the process, having the support of early adopters in different areas of the organization can help you find things to be improved, and functional elements in the actual workplace.

3. Communicate and show the wins

It is important to let everyone in the company know about the outstanding improvements every day to boost morale and build momentum. Every area should be aware of the successful steps taken to improve the company’s dynamics, by ensuring you are moving in the right direction.

4. Be mentally prepared for setbacks

Change is never easy. Rocks on the road will always be a part of driving through a difficult highway. Digital transformation efforts tend to be hard and long-term; even though we want things to start working as fast as possible and in the most efficient way. Setbacks are normal and should be expected. Learning from them is the best way to keep moving forward towards the goal.

5. Adapt

As said before, digital transformation is a learning path. Adapting during the process is necessary to achieve results and accomplish short, and mid-term objectives, while learning what works best for your organization and what doesn’t.

Digital transformation is inevitable. Nevertheless, you should always begin by understanding the needs of your company, clients, and the specific actions and toolsets that are serving that purpose.

By itself, digital transformation will not achieve its highest potential, unless it comes hand in hand with making people’s needs a priority.

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