6 Compelling Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

6 Compelling Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Upgrade your organization’s capabilities with Microsoft 365 Business Premium, a cost-effective cloud-based solution offering unmatched flexibility and scalability. Here are six key reasons why this plan stands out:

1.- Powerful Productivity Platform

Microsoft 365 Business Premium encompasses all productivity apps from the Business Standard plan, including Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

2.- Advanced Security Features

 Differentiating itself from other Business Plans, Business Premium boasts advanced security features for robust data, user, and device management. Enjoy powerful mobile device management tools, multifactor authentication, and security measures against malware and cyber threats.

3.- Intune for Device Management

 Recognizing the prevalence of mobile devices in today’s workplace, Microsoft Intune ensures secure management. This Mobile Device Management (MDM) and endpoint device manager enhance security by keeping devices updated, controlling app access, and safeguarding against data breaches.

4.- Simple Email Encryption with Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection facilitates easy email encryption in Outlook, securing sensitive information. Users can encrypt emails and attached documents, ensuring exclusive readability for recipients.

Optimize resources and focus on your business goals with our Microsoft Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, guidance & support
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Optimize resources and focus on your business goals with our Microsoft Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, guidance & support

5. Safe Links and Safe Attachments

 Bolster your organization’s defense against phishing attacks with Safe Links and Safe Attachments. Safe Links scans and rewrites URLs in inbound emails, protecting users from malicious links. Safe Attachments further scans and safeguards against dangerous file attachments, ensuring compliance with organizational policies.

6. Persistent Classification and Protection of Files

Microsoft 365 Business Premium introduces advanced capabilities for classifying files and applying security policies. Enhance data protection by automatically applying protocols, such as ‘do not copy’ and watermarks, based on file classifications like ‘highly confidential.’

Considering the upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business Premium? Schedule a meeting with our Microsoft experts to kickstart a smooth transition.

Unsure about the right plan for your organization? Our expert guidance ensures you choose the plan that aligns perfectly with your needs. 

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