Add users to a SharePoint Online Site – Step-by-step

SharePoint Online is a mighty intranet that allows members of your organization to connect, communicate, and interact with different content, apps, and knowledge. Being a hub created for collaboration, it empowers teams by enhancing productivity and engagement. Adding users to a SharePoint Online Site will grant them access to the information shared. However, they will only be able to see public sites. In this guide, we will show you how to manage SharePoint memberships by going step by step through the process of adding a user to a Private SharePoint site. 

  1. Log into SharePoint Online with your administrative credentials
  2. Go to the SharePoint admin center > Active sites > Select your SharePoint site

Active Site SharePoint

  1. Click on the gear icon > select Site permissions

Manage permissions on SharePoint

  1. A site permissions dialogue box will open > Select invite people > Click on Add members to group > Add members. (There, you will be able to search and add users, Microsoft 365 groups, or security groups for providing access to the selected site)

Add members to a SharePoint site

  1. Once you have selected the users you want to include into the Private SharePoint site, click Add

  1.  The users are now added to the SharePoint site, you may configure the permissions they will be granted, since they will enter as Site Visitors automatically. 

After following these steps, you will be set to add users to your SharePoint site. Let us know if you need assistance in any step of this process. SharePoint is an effortless, real time collaboration platform that will certainly empower your workplace with secure, productive, and consistent tools. Thinking about adding it to your organization? Talk with one of our agents today.