Admin Roles in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Congratulations if you have already successfully applied for your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription! If you’re not, let us tell you that after learning what you can do with your admin roles through the admin center, you will definitely choose to adapt this subscription to your organization. 

Perfect for midsize businesses and enterprises, the Microsoft 365 admin center lets you manage Azure AD and Microsoft Intune roles. With this, you may allow coworkers specific permissions for a more effective workflow. 

What is an admin role in Microsoft 365?

The person who signed up for your organization’s Microsoft 365 subscription becomes the global admin by default. This role oversees managing the service, user accounts, and devices. The global admin may select other users from your organization and give them permission to become admins themselves. 

For doing this, you may only:

  1. Select the app Launcher in Microsoft 365. You will find the admin icon on the left column of the menu. 
  2. Select the Admin icon, then the users button
  3. Select Active users, and the name of the person you want to make admin. 

Variety of Admin Roles 

There are many specific roles you may adapt to your users at your organization, relying fully on your needs. These roles depend entirely on the hub you are choosing to use, they are also known as built-in roles. 

On Azure AD, you may find more than 50 built-in roles that you can apply directly to members of your organization to provide more agency over their workflow and necessities. 

Security for assigning roles

As beautiful as it sounds, we must take responsibility for this type of sensitive matter, since your organization should be safe and secure at all times. Here we present some recommendations when assigning roles in Microsoft 365, Intune, and Azure. 

  1. Have only 2 to 4 global admins
  2. Assign the least permissive role to the rest of the admins
  3. Require multi-factor authentication for admins
  4. Rely and delegate administration to your preferred Microsoft Partner, such as Team Venti. When doing this, you allow us to set up and manage your online organization smoothly, responsibly and most of all, securely. 

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