Attack Simulation Training in Microsoft Defender for Office 365

We can all agree remote work has increased significantly. Unfortunately, this may sometimes result in collaborators working on unmanaged or shared devices, over insecure networks, and with unauthorized or non-compliant apps.  

We should encourage all employees to be defenders. Attack Simulation Training in Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a highly qualified social engineering risk management tool. The training uses real phish to demonstrate the attacks your employees are most likely to see, while delivering security training customized to each employee’s behavior in simulations.   

This new normal environment has put cybersecurity decision-making in the hands of employees who are working remotely.  These threats are progressing significantly, as hackers begin to take advantage of the current situation to mount coronavirus-themed attacks (Rukma Sen). 

Phishing is still holding the record for being the most common and impactfurisk to customers. We may not be able to completely stop the risk of Phishing, but we can do everything in our power to become aware and minimize it. For more information regarding Phishing, check our article: Don’t go Phishing.

With the implementation of Attack Simulation Training in Microsoft Defender for Office 365, your employees will be informed and empowered to detect, qualify, and -most importantly- reduce usage risk.  

Here are three capabilities Microsoft Defender has announced: 


Attack Simulation Training is guaranteed to save the security teams time and resources, while ensuring effective quantified social engineering risks across organizations and enable strategic recommendations. 

As Microsoft Gold partner, we want to keep your employees and company equipped from phishing attacks by providing you with all the necessary tools.

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