Benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint


Microsoft SharePoint first came out in 2001 as a management and storage system and has kept up with the users’ changing needs. Nowadays, this platform is a collaboration tool for 190 million users around the globe.

As a highly flexible tool, SharePoint brings a wide range of possibilities for its users, alongside a list of benefits regarding productivity and collaboration. But first… 

What’s Microsoft SharePoint? 

It is a web-based platform that allows users to create websites where they can store, organize, and share critical business data. With this tool companies can create an intranet, with the possibility to create subsites for each specific department/team. It’s not only a storage platform, as it allows users to collaboratively create and edit documents. 

Some of the features you can find in Microsoft SharePoint are file versioning, document check-in and out, indexing and searching, a designated web interface, and seamless integration with other Microsoft Apps.


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Optimize resources and focus on your business goals with our Microsoft Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, guidance & support

Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint will bring to your company 

  • Enhances data management 

SharePoint allows users to take control of their data. It saves your team the time they spend surfing through documents looking for what they need. With the online version of this app, users have access to all the information from any device, at any time. 

This tool integrates with Microsoft Office Suite, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Microsoft Unified Communications, and Exchange Server.  

  • Boosts seamless collaboration 

Microsoft SharePoint promotes seamless collaboration between members of a team. Within this platform users have access to the same documents and their latest versions, as well as being able to ask for approvals, and create workflows. 

Co-workers can share and edit files and updates in real time and improve their team’s collaborative efforts. 

  • Increases productivity 

Save your employees time and effort by giving them access to all the information and files required to work. With everything in one place and the opportunity to rapidly share the latest version of their work for reviews or approvals, you’ll see a positive change in your teams’ productivity. 

  • Allows easy customization 

With SharePoint you can build custom applications and sites, and those can be connected to the software. Users will always have instant access to the tools they need to work. 

You can also keep the intranet in line with your brand’s look and feel, as you can add your own graphic elements. 

  • Doesn’t require development work 

This software gives the opportunity to build a website or tool without the need for coding. If it’s either from scratch or to update an existing site/tool, you can easily do so inside this app. 

  • Regulatory compliance and data security 

Users can specify security settings to comply with their regulations. Permissions to dictate control over sites, folders, lists, documents, and web applications can also be specified. 

Administrators can set other security settings like: 

  • Require employees to check out documents before editing 
  • View all revisions made to a document
  • Return a document to its previous versions with just one click 

Deploying Microsoft SharePoint with our packaged and project-based services will boost your company’s collaboration and productivity rate. At any stage of your journey, we can help you design, deploy, migrate, govern, or customize your SharePoint environment.

With our Microsoft SharePoint services you also have access to training and 24/7 critical admin support provided by a team of experts. Please contact us with further questions or book a meeting today for personalized attention. 

Lucy Camero

Lucy Camero

365 Cloud Store Brand Manager

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