Boost productivity in hybrid environments with apps in Microsoft Teams

A common denominator among companies is the fact that they are constantly seeking methods to increase our productivity and efficiency, both at work and in our personal lives. Organizations working with Microsoft Teams have access to different apps that expand the range of what is possible through improved collaboration, simple information access, a decrease in process complexity, expenses, and time. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index 2022, 87% of employees perceive themselves as productive during work thanks to the different apps that MS Teams offers. These new IT opportunities allow members of your organization to explore different methods and solutions for approaching their assignments. With many productivity apps in Teams, you can expect to boost collaboration and efficiency. 

Integrated Apps in Microsoft Teams

Incorporating apps into your Teams’ environment can allow employees to explore many possibilities of collaboration in a hybrid environment. For example, if you wish to combine visual collaboration in real time, you can try Mural, a digital whiteboard space app, which will allow immediate collaboration. For making project management clearer, you can use Atlassian’s Jira Cloud, which integrates chat, channel tabs, and meetings.

It is a challenge to discover the right app among the nearly 2,000 collaborative apps that are available in Teams today. However, we recommend listening to your employee’s interest in a particular app; it might lead you to a productivity boost. 

Other methods to stay on the radar of the newest collaboration and productivity apps is by consulting with a Team Venti Microsoft Teams specialist. We can help you chose among the large offers Teams has for your organization.