Build safe, low-code websites with the new Microsoft Power Pages

A new product in the Microsoft Power Platform family arrived in preview: Microsoft Power Pages. This new solution allows professional developers to easily build beautiful business-centric websites in a low-code and scalable way.

Power Pages: a new, easy experience

Microsoft is no newbie at creating end-to-end experiences in external portals. However, this new product allows anybody, regardless of expertise level, to create modern, responsive, and safe websites. 

Build without boundaries and let your organization connect with your customers, partners, and communities. With advanced web design tools, and powered by Microsoft Azure, this new platform will take you to the next level. 

Microsoft Power Pages Features and Capabilities

Inside this new tool, you will be able to find the following features: 

  • Design Studio: an easy way to design your websites, or choose from modern layouts
  • Templates Hub: A place where you might demo full featured website’s data
  • Learn Hub: an innovative way to learn more about the new competences, via tutorials, quick starts, and guides
  • Microsoft Dataverse will securely collect and share business information from site visitors
  • Visual Studio Code helps by coding advanced capabilities using JavaScript, Liquid templates, code components and web APIs

Do not hesitate more and be the first to discover the new enhanced experience of building websites with Microsoft Power Pages. Book a meeting with one of our experts, to learn about the next steps to take.