Case Study: Molpus Woodlands Group - Microsoft 365 Email Migration

Molpus Woodlands Group, Microsoft 365 Email Migration

Molpus Woodlands Group is a well-known company from Mississippi, that acquires, manages, and sells timberland as an investment for high-net-worth individual investors. Being knowledgeable, resourceful, and responsible in its business operations, Molpus Woodlands Group was in need of an upgrade in its mailing and IT environment, a quest that Team Venti happily assisted through a Microsoft 365 email migration.


Molpus Woodlands Group had an Active Directory Forest, divided in two. Complex as it sounds, one forest was used for hosting its users, while the other was used for their email hosting. As we know, each forest shares a single database, a single global address list, and a security boundary. Users and administrators in one forest could not access data stored in the other forest. This meant a high cost in administration and constant back-up. On top of that, their email was hosted by a third-party provider, elevating their maintenance budget. 


The main objective of this project was to migrate their email to Microsoft 365, while switching to a hybrid modality; aiming to consolidate their email and users in just one place, while maintaining their local console in their own forest. This, with the intention of reducing expenses and having full administration of everything. 

Microsoft 365 Consulting & Migration Services

Leverage our expertise and Microsoft’s best practices for a seamless Microsoft 365 migration
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Microsoft 365 Consulting & Migration Services

Leverage our expertise and Microsoft’s best practices for a seamless Microsoft 365 migration


Team Venti provided a simple way to manage Molpus Woodlands Group forests by simplifying their two different locations into one. This migration started with their mailboxes moving onto Microsoft 365. Once the migration was completed, a new email server was installed inside the forest where their users were being hosted. 

The timeline of this Microsoft 365 email migration consisted in the following:

  1. Migrate emails
  2. New server in environment
  3. Established hybrid environment in Microsoft 365
  4. Set up own server

Results of the Resource Forest Migration

For Molpus Woodlands Group, having the assistance of Team Venti represented increased security, cost reduction in their email hosting, and simplifying their environment. Its whole migration consisted in successfully moving to a unique location more than +200 mailboxes hosted in one place and linking them to its users that were hosted in a different forest. This migration was concluded favorably, with each and one step meticulously taken care of and with no down time.

Since their email is now being hosted on Microsoft 365, they can rely fully and expect that Microsoft will assist them and take charge of their setup. 

Benefits of Resource Forest Migration

  • Simplified administration
  • Cost reduction
  • Enhanced productivity


Team Venti’s Microsoft 365 Migration services

Are you looking to simplify, reduce expenses, and have your organization be taken care of by experts on the matter? Leverage our expertise and Microsoft’s best practices for a seamless Microsoft 365 migration.


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