A whole new level with Teams app  

Prior to creating customized experiences within the Teams app, 1:1 chat, and group chats were the only tools available to users. For users, which could be more than likely frustrating, due to not having the luxury to meet with teammates in a meeting setting.

Microsoft has expanded a new way to empower developers with new meetings surfaces and enabling quality collaboration experiences among meetings lifecycles.  

Microsoft is now empowering developers to create new meeting extensibility points. Developers will have the luxury to create quality collaborations experiences among meetings lifestyle, from meeting extensibility points.

Not only will meetings be enhanced during collaborations, but before and after features will be in full effect as well.

  • Before: Users will be able to add Teams apps during meeting set up. 
  • During: Developers will be able to design how their Teams app uses the app panel (right pane) within a meeting, along with in-meeting notifications (content bubbles).  
  • After: End users will have the benefit of having their apps persist within this meetings surface to continue to use and draw back upon for further collaboration. 


Take Advantage 

Users will find these new meeting experiences useful when collaborating with teammates, especially the “After” mode. With all that is going on and users all over working remotely, having the ability to draw back on a meeting is key to staying on top of work.

“After” will also be useful to users who might not be available to attend a meeting, because they can look back on meetings they missed.  

Accessibility to your teammates while working remotely is the most effective way organizations all over the globe will increase employee communication and teamwork. Teamwork collaboration, via meetings in Teams, can be extremely helpful when collaborating on projects, ideas, and advice.

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