Customer Lockbox is now available for Microsoft Teams

After being a success with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, Customer Lockbox for Teams is now live. One of the most common concerns when adopting Cloud services for many companies is the question of who has control over security. This brought the great solution of allowing the development of Customer Lockbox. This is a tool that allows admins to review, approve and reject customer data access requests when there’s a troubleshoot problem. Your data will remain secured as you’d like while the problem is being fixed, whatever time it takes.  

How does Customer Lockbox for Teams work? 

As we know, it’s inevitable to experience every now and then situations that can require extra support. Nevertheless, you can always count on Microsoft Support to guide and help you with whichever issue you might experience. 

Customer Lockbox for Teams workflow

  1. Someone in your organization experiences a problem with Microsoft Teams
  2. After not being able to fix the issue by troubleshooting it, open a ticket in Microsoft Support
  3. A Microsoft Support engineer reviews the request and decides if a need to access will be needed to fix the problem
  4. The engineer logs into the Customer Lockbox request tool, specifies the service request number, makes data access, and the estimated time that the data will be needed for the repair. 
  5. After the Microsoft Support manager approves the request, Customer Lockbox sends your organization’s admin an email with the approval request. This request will only be valid for 12 hours. 
  6. After your approval, the Microsoft Support engineer will be able to find the solution for your organization’s issue, during the time specified previously. After this, all access will be revoked. 

Want to know how to explore and enable this new tool from Microsoft 365 to Microsoft Teams? Talk to one of Team Venti’s experts, we’re eager to help you.