Dark mode in Microsoft 365

Spending many hours staring at a screen with white light causes eyestrain. Decreasing visual fatigue and reducing battery usage are some of the benefits that Dark Mode in Microsoft 365 offers us in services and applications. According to a study by XDA Developers, when using Dark Mode, it is possible to reduce up to 63% battery consumption. 

The dark theme changes the default bright background color in Microsoft 365 to a darker color, this theme helps protect the eyes in low light environments or if the user prefers to work on less bright interfaces. 

Whether you want to reduce eyestrain, improve battery life, or it just has aesthetic appeal, Dark Mode gives us the ability to create simple and flexible Microsoft 365 experiences.


Here’s how to activate it in Outlook

In Outlook for Microsoft 365, the black color theme includes dark mode, which provides a black background (instead of white) for the message window. You can switch to a white background for the message window if you prefer. 

Note: Dark mode is enabled by default when you use the black theme.  

  1. Go to toolbar and select Settings
  2. Select black theme
  3. Select dark mode

How to enable it in Microsoft Office

  1. Open any Office app (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or another) 
  2.  Go to File menu
  3. Open the Account tab in the bottom-left corner
  4. Select Black in Office Theme

How to enable it in Microsoft Teams

  1. Click your profile picture at the top of the app  
  2. Select Settings > General  
  3. In the Theme section, click Dark. You can also select the High Contrast or Default Theme  


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