Empower your Remote Workforce: End-user Security Awareness

Perspective towards work life, offices and face-to-face collaboration have made a radical change during this world pandemic. The current global situation has pushed organizations to re-invent their work dynamics and migrate towards modern technologies and tools to continue their operations with the least setbacks possible.

With remote work, other dangers have become present, dangers that didn’t exist before. Going under the home office dynamic may happen through unmanaged shared devices, on insecure networks and in unauthorized or “non-compliant” apps. Cybersecurity decision-making has become the employee’s responsibility and malicious agents are aware of this.

At present, there are many ways that we can find to ensure cybersecurity through collaborators and through companies. Finding and using the support that specialists offer is a great alternative to empower your workforce, especially remote teams.

Rukma Sen, Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft, shares a Cybersecurity Awareness Kit. During these tough times, we must be prepared for the vulnerability of remote work and staying calm but being ready to any adversity that could occur with simulators’ help.

Beware of COVID-19 cyber scams:


Source: https://www.microsoft.com/security/blog

All Microsoft 365 customers can access the kit and directions through this link. Remember that we are happy to help you empower your new remote workforce! Contact us for more information on how to protect your collaborators from cyber-attacks.