Empowering people and organizations thrive in the new normal

Up until now, we have witnessed 70 years of digital transformation. The invention of the microchip and the semiconductor transistor, which is still very commonly used today, enabled analog computing to go digital and thrive in the new normal.

According to an investigation performed by Contentstack, there have been radical improvements in technology and digital evolution, which have led to life as we know it today. The pressure to cut expenses, minimize risk, and keep up with the ever-evolving demands of consumers requires companies to adapt and introduce new digital tools for their collaborators.

In that same sense, 2020 has forced the entire world (individuals and organizations) to adapt and continue all daily activities with a sudden shift to remote work. There’s an ongoing joke that Covid-19 is responsible for the digital transformation of many companies.

As a Microsoft Partner, Team Venti is cometed to empowering every person and every organization globally to achieve more. We aim to serve you further so you can increase the value of your company’s IT environments.

A few weeks after Microsoft Ignite 2020, we have summarized seven ways to accomplish success for every IT and business leader and to empower people to this new way of work, shared by Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365.


It’s time to turn digital adoption into a lifestyle in every day-to-day activity. Encourage everyone around you into this opportunity and let us join you within the journey.


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