PowerPoint Live in Teams

Enhance productivity with PowerPoint Live in Teams

Microsoft PowerPoint, since 1987, has been one of the predicted productivities softwares for creating engaging presentations. Making millions of slides, transitions, and facilitating the creation of visual demonstrations, it is safe to say that the world wouldn’t have been the same without PowerPoint. Today, we gladly announce some upgrades that will enhance productivity with PowerPoint live in Microsoft Teams. 

What is PowerPoint Live in Teams?

A new way of creating alluring, collaborative, storytelling presentations during hybrid or remote modalities. Improvements for both presenters and audience are now live in Teams, such as: 

For presenters: 

  • Detect raised hands, chats, and camera feed from your audience during a presentation
  • Pass control to other presenters without interruption
  • Make annotations directly in the presentation

For audience members

  • Move throughout the slides without causing any interruption on the presentation
  • Use slide translation for your preferred language
  • Adjust slides to gain a higher contrast according to your visual needs

Cameo in PowerPoint Live 

Awaited for many, Cameo is now generally available, allowing presenters to engage fully with their audiences by appearing directly on their PowerPoint live slides. 

The future of PowerPoint Live

Closed captions, for better accessibility and inclusiveness, as well as zoom in of slides. 

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Your organization deserves to tell stories with the best presentation components available. Connecting with audiences is becoming easier with these new features, by ensuring participation and communication. Make the most out of your Microsoft 365 subscription by adapting these new tools to your presentations, talk to one of our experts to discover how.