Five ways Microsoft Teams has transformed Microsoft

Productivity changed its meaning five years ago. With the arrival of Microsoft Teams in late 2016, many organizations gained a stronger, better communicated, and organized workforce. Today more than 145 million users enjoy the empowering experience of having conversations, enhanced collaboration, and shared participation in Microsoft 365; all of them transformed in the same environment: Microsoft Teams.  

In addition, many teams have become experts in Teams. While developing skills, having a clearer day path, using the many native apps, they have found that adopting such a complete platform to their activities has transformed their ways of interacting forever. 

Even in the historical and global events of 2020, Teams helped institutions, schools, enterprises, and organizations all over the world continue uninterruptedly their operations and maintain communication during the hardest times of the 21st century. Now, work from home has become part of our lives, and it seems that it will remain for a while, so applying a single app that will provide video conferences, meetings, chats, and collaboration assets can make the difference in your organization’s success. 

Here are 5 ways Microsoft Teams has improved the working experience.

  • Seamlessly transitioning from office to remote and hybrid work 

When the pandemic hit, Microsoft Teams users doubled globally, since organizations’ leaders found that it was the best way to keep collaborating. Now, with hybrid work, Teams is constantly adapting to the new needs of offices. 

  • Microsoft Teams, the inclusive hub

By using features like Front Row and AI-powered cameras, and other features that support everyone’s inputs. Give your employees the chance to participate in real time, regardless of where they are at. 

  • Allow your workforce to collaborate in real time and asynchronously

The monthly active users of Teams have gone up nearly 200% since the pandemic started. This is the real proof that Microsoft Teams is a tool that will prevail and help in our near future. With remote work, many users have the chance to adapt in more flexible ways, while maintaining productivity and communication. 

  • Increase your productivity to the max

Companies like Accenture, Toyota, Kohler, Lumen, Ernst & Young, and Pfizer trusted Microsoft Teams as the tool that kept their companies’ operations successful. With the help of apps such as Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Power apps, many employees fulfilled their duties in the best way possible. 

  • Learn, master, and evolve

With included platforms, like Microsoft Viva, allow your employees to discover new skills, learn, and nurture themselves in the digital world, so they can also apply the acquired knowledge IRL. 

Not only is life ever evolving, Microsoft Teams too. Discover what new Microsoft Teams features will allow your organization to thrive in the digital and hybrid world. Talk to one of our experts and let your organization start its Microsoft Teams transformation, today.