How To Forward Office 365 Email Address to External Address Without a Mailbox

Communication is key to success. That is the reason why many organizations require to set up email forwarding for a user’s mailbox. With Microsoft 365, regardless of your recipient, your organization will be able to communicate with the rest of the world. To set up email forwarding in Office 365 to an external email address (without creating a new mailbox), follow the next steps:

1. Log into Office 365 

2. Go to Exchange Admin


3. Create a New Mail User

Click on Recipients > Click on contacts > Click on the arrow next to the + and select Mail User


4. Fill in the New User Details 

Make sure you fill in the correct information, with the same alias as the User ID.


5. Wait a bit, go and get a coffee. 

Sometimes Office 365 can take some minutes to recognize these types of changes. Do not worry, they will appear briefly.

We are sure this quick guide will help you, however if you find yourself lost in the process, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our many expertises are these types of email set ups. We’ll be happy to help.