How to activate passwordless Microsoft accounts

With the constant threat of phishing and the need for safe, unique passwords, managing passwords is certainly a task no one likes. Either they’re so safe you can’t remember them or not safe enough, not so unique. 

Bearing this in mind, Microsoft has announced you can now remove the password from your Microsoft account and sign in using passwordless methods, like Windows Hello, the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app, or a verification code sent to your phone or email.  

This feature promises a win-win scenario in which it helps you to protect your Microsoft account from identity attacks, like phishing. At the same time, it provides easy access to apps and services like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Family Safety, and Microsoft Edge. 

Go passwordless with just a few clicks 

First, make sure you have the Microsoft Authenticator app installed and linked to your Microsoft account. 

Next, visit your Microsoft account, sign in, and choose Advanced Security Options. Under Additional Security Options, you’ll see Passwordless Account. Select Turn on. 

If you’re not ready to go passwordless 

If you’re not ready yet to go passwordless, you can take advantage of Microsoft Password Monitor, that determines the health of your password. 

You can access Password Monitor options by opening Edge, click on Setting > Profiles > Passwords it gives you some features to toggle from saving passwords, signing in automatically, to alerting when passwords are found in leaks and suggesting strong passwords.  

Passwords continue to be a fundamental layer of account security and now you can access tools to manage them safely and easily. 

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