Hybrid work is the new normal

Remote work has been a trending topic since last March. Businesses and employees relished the cost reduction, productivity and comfort this model of work brings.  

But, as good as working from home might be, some positions and industries benefit more from having on-premises staff. Which is why, as soon as the situation positively evolved, some companies started going back to working on site.  

According to the work trend index research performed by Microsoft, 71% of managers and employees desire to keep this work model flexibility post-pandemic 

Even though we live in a digital era, and have adopted technology in a day-to-day basis, offices will not disappear completely.  

We’ve adopted a hybrid work model 

We Work Remotely mentions in one of their articles the pros of hybrid work. Including cost-related benefits, and arrying introverts and extroverts in the environment that improves their efficiency.

Working remotely gives us the opportunity to increase our productivity, and opens possibilities of finding talent all around the world. However, they also mention its downsides, and most of them are time-management or communication related issues.  

Here are some improvements Microsoft has made, so your organization can be ready for the hybrid work era: 


‘’From physical spaces to digital solutions to employee experiences—we’re working alongside our customers to reimagine work and learning for a hybrid world’’ (Jared Spataro, 2021) 

Team Venti, as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, works alongside your team, to help you and your employees do their best work and make the most out of your IT investment. 

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