IT essentials for enabling remote work with Microsoft Teams

Organizations are adjusting to what we are now calling “the new reality of remote work.” These unforeseen times have truly shown us all what successful and sustainable remote work requires. It can be challenging and overwhelming to those who are now working remotely to figure out the most efficient way to do it. Organizations have had to adjust many ways to ensure specific elements match remote work.

With the assistance of IT, that unnecessary stress can be eliminated. IT’s job is to store and transmit data in the most efficient way possible. That is why organizations need to let IT work for them, not the other way around. IT is here to help, not make things more complicated. Think of crossing a body of water to get to the other side of land. It is not very smart to just walk through the water because several risks come with that.  Crossing the body of water with a safe path is the smart way. Think of IT being that safe path for getting your organization across the water and onto the other side.

Below are four key elements to let IT work for your organization through Microsoft Teams.

  1. Onboard your organization

Onboarding your organization will allow you to help new, and current, clients working remote learn the ins and outs, along with getting adjusted to how the company is functioning.

  1. Manage the experience with robust settings and policies

Each organization is different in its own way, which is why managing the experience with robust settings and policies is important. This will control what users do in specific Team channels, specific features that are available to users, specific calling features that are available to users and tacking the usage of Teams to be sure all users are taking advantage of opportunities available to them.

  1. Secure company data while safeguarding privacy

It is imperative that users have a peace of mind in ensuring that that their virtual conversations are kept private and secure. Privacy and security play an important role, especially during these times.

  1. Drive adoption of remote work

Making sure that everyone in your organization feels connected and empowered is crucial. Provide as many resources as possible to help individuals working remotely feel connected and empowered.

Working remotely, isolated from your team, can be challenging. We as humans crave that human connection, especially in the work environment. With this tough time, we are all enduring, taking advantage of IT through these four steps is necessary to a sustainable and successful remote work environment.

Boost your organization’s IT opportunities. Feel unharmed with us as your provider to identify your IT essentials for remote work with Microsoft Teams.