Let the new Icebreaker Bot enhance your team and company culture

Relationships are not built from one day to another. If time has shown us something, it is that constant communication is key for a solid foundation in any relationship. When it comes to work culture, you should be aware that team culture is what holds organizations together. A new Microsoft Teams tool has come to enhance team culture, known as Icebreaker Bot. 

How does Microsoft Team’s Icebreaker Bot work?

Being a fully integrated Teams app, you will be able to customize and brand this new experience. 

For boosting connections between peers, Icebreaker Bot pairs team members for a meet up every week. The simple steps to try out this new feature consist of:

  1. Create a team and invite people from your organization
  2. Install Icebreaker bot in the mentioned team
  3. Set a day and time where your employees are available to start this new experience

On your set time, or even just using the suggested free time with the help of Microsoft 365, Icebreaker bot will pair randomly with each member of your organization.

The humble beginnings of this tool can be traced back to the launch of Microsoft Teams. Its team began trying to find a way to connect with their colleagues, creating a tool formerly known as “Meetuply”. After seeing the enormous success in building strong relationships among the partners, having an upgraded sense of community, inclusion, and engagements, many departments started to apply this feature. Furthermore, these advances led into the development of Icebreaker Bot, which can now be deployed and enjoyed by organizations with no coding required. 

Are you interested in helping build better communication, relationships, and a sense of belonging in your organization? Let us help you deploy the new Icebreaker Bot feature in your Microsoft Teams. Book a meeting with one of our experts today.