Looking Ahead – 2021 Remote Work

2021 is right around the corner. Although we do not know exactly what it will have in store for us, we are striving to continue growth hand in hand, with our partners and clients.

Looking forward, Wayne Turmel shares a few insights regarding what work will look like in 2021. Turmel informs us that workplaces will vary even within geographies/industries.

Accommodating remote work and flexible work will be the new norm. Individual skill gaps will widen, and we will see more hybrid teams – resulting on most employees no longer going into the office.

While some people might be tired of remote work, and might want to go back to the office, Jim Harter says that 53% of employees say they would like to continue to work remotely in the future.

Turmel also mentions that in 2021 even more employees will work remotely, and more companies will incorporate hybrid teams.

If people continue to work remotely, how will the workspaces evolve after they are no longer needed in the same way before?

The editorial team for the company Remote Team says that there will be more virtual workspaces, online meetings, and distributed offices. Employees will work anywhere, projects will be managed by organization tools, privacy and security tools will be more common. Open floor plans will disappear.

Society is the epitome of adaptability. 2020 has proven that already and planning for 2021 adaptability will continue to be a needed trait, whether you will continue to work in the office at home or operate a hybrid company.

If you want to know about the digital tools, we offer to make the most out of remote work, contact us!