Make the most out of your Microsoft Teams experience

Microsoft Teams has established itself as a tool for collaborative and efficient work. It was first introduced in March 2017, meant to replace Skype for Business, and is now being used by over 150,000 organizations. As companies are no longer limited by physical location and office hours, leaders are looking for software solutions to keep them on track with the latest news and updates, while also helping to increase collaboration among their employees. The Microsoft Teams experience has been a boon to remote teams all over the world; helping organizations improve their collaboration, communication, and productivity.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a collaboration hub for all kinds of remote teams, allowing them to work on tasks and projects seamlessly, while enhancing effective communication. For instance, if you’ve got an announcement, you can share it right on the home tab using a video message. If you are presenting with a colleague virtually (and anywhere) Teams will allow you to do that in real-time using screen sharing. In addition, direct messages are a foundation inside Teams. To help make the experience even better, there are multiple different apps that you can find in Teams to enhance productivity, such as activity trackers, calendars, and many others.

New features in Teams

Teams are constantly updating and looking to provide the best experience to employees. Looking to allow collaboration to happen on your own time, create inclusive meeting experiences and empower different work styles are some of the objectives of Microsoft Teams’ updates. These are some of the newest features Teams is applying this second half of 2022:

  • Together mode: Improved with AI to display participants in a shared background
  • LinkedIn integration: Allowing users to connect to other networks
  • Whiteboard: Users may elevate their planning experience with the use of the same whiteboard
  • Teams Rooms: Connecting participants to hybrid meetings 
  • Government features, such as bots and webinar capabilities
  • Educator features, such as attendee video management 

How to acquire Microsoft Teams for my organization?

Getting Microsoft Teams for your organization is a clever decision if you’re looking to improve workflow and collaboration. Depending on your organization’s size (50 or more users), you may want to request a quote according to your specific needs. Team Venti’s Microsoft Teams Services include planning, deployment, optimization, and maintenance. Book a meeting with one of our experts to determine how to start your Microsoft Teams journey.