Meet the new Microsoft Teams Premium

Even though we try to imagine bringing back the world and work expectations we had in 2019, it is futile. The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things, and work modalities were among them. The reality of work today is that hybrid work makes everything easier and more flexible. With the right tools, like Microsoft Teams Premium, we can achieve goals that we have never imagined before.

Microsoft Teams Premium continues being the Swiss Army knife of collaboration hubs, but with tailored and enhanced capabilities to ensure your organization’s productivity.

What’s new in Microsoft Teams Premium?

Personalized meetings guide that help you select the kind of meeting you will be engaging in (like client calls, brainstorm sessions, or 1:1), and make sure that participants adhere to best practices during them. 


Customized meeting branding, allowing to create custom meeting and lobby backgrounds to brand your Teams experience.

Teams Premium Branded Calls

AI powered meetings and intelligent recap that allows you to have follow ups of missed meetings, by creating smart recordings with highlights of matters mentioned during the meeting (like screen sharing, inputs by coworkers you closely work with, or even when your name was mentioned during the meeting).

Live translation for captions by AI, for 40 different languages, perfect for global meetings. 

Confidential, advanced meeting protection, for business-sensitive information, such as board meetings, financial discussions, or undisclosed product launches by watermarking and limiting users who can record.

Text reminders to join branded virtual appointments in mobile devices, even without downloading the Teams app. 

Teams Premium Reminders

Appointment management, with advanced capabilities such as appointment queuing.

Measure metrics and analytics, by viewing usage trends and history of virtual appointment experiences with staff, department, and organization level analytics

Teams Premium Analytics

Advanced webinar settings, with new host controls and event management, such as automated reminder emails before events, with branded header, webinar details, and a link to join. 

Teams Premium Email

Get Teams Premium for your organization

If you’re looking to improve your organization’s productivity in many ways, book a meeting with one of our Teams’ experts. From defining and designing according to your requirements, to deployment, and into optimization we can help you drive productive, intelligent, and secure collaboration in Microsoft Teams.