McBride Orthopedic Hospital: Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration


Healthcare organizations require an efficient, fast, and secure method to achieve successful communication. At the moment, many hospitals and clinics around the world are being empowered to deliver the best possible care with the aid of Microsoft 365. McBride Orthopedic Hospital had that idea clear. That’s why, when their team grew recently by adding a pediatrician clinic to its headquarters, they knew something had to be done with Microsoft 365. These types of affairs are known as Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration. 

Companies that merge are often presented with these types of situations. Having two different tenants and mailboxes, both hosted with Microsoft 365, they reached out with a challenge. Team Venti overcame it triumphantly with a solution: migrate and merge mailboxes from one tenant to another.

Microsoft 365 Tenant ​​to Tenant Migration Step by Step

This type of migration is one of its kind. As we know, Microsoft complies with large and diverse services. However, there is no native tool that can merge two different tenants (both in Microsoft 365). Nevertheless, Team Venti’s experts are what one would call resourceful, since they managed to use different tools that would allow this process to be successfully done. 

Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Leverage our expertise and Microsoft’s best practices for a seamless Microsoft 365 migration
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Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Leverage our expertise and Microsoft’s best practices for a seamless Microsoft 365 migration

Without interrupting day to day operations, no down time for users, and offloading McBride’s IT team, Team Venti managed to integrate the new McBride team’s mailboxesinstances, OneDrive accounts, and domains from one tenant to another, easily and favorably. Other benefits of this type of migration include:

  • Full fidelity mailbox migration
  • Cost-effective plans
  • No down time for end users


Team Venti’s Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Services

Team Venti’s Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration services offer a seamless transition to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with our comprehensive turnkey solutions. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through every stage of the migration process, providing support from initial assessment and readiness planning to post-migration assistance.

Many organizations are growing and adding new teams to their crew. Is your organization one of them? Let Team Venti’s experts assist you with your Microsoft needs.

Team Venti’s Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Checklist

  1. Assessment and Planning: Evaluate your current environment and needs to determine the right migration approach.
  2. Preparation: Ready your systems, users, and data for migration, including setting up Microsoft 365 accounts.
  3. Data Migration: Execute the transfer of email, files, and data to Microsoft 365 using various migration methods.
  4. Configuration: Align Microsoft 365 settings, security, and compliance features with your organization’s requirements.
  5. Testing: Verify the correct functionality of data and services in the Microsoft 365 environment.
  6. User Training: Provide comprehensive training and support to help users seamlessly adapt to the new platform.
  7. Post-Migration Support: Ensure ongoing monitoring, management, and optimization of the Microsoft 365 environment after migration.

Tailored Approach to Your Unique Scenario

Recognizing the uniqueness of each migration scenario, our approach is customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, prioritizing factors like data security, compliance, and user adoption throughout the migration.

Cost Considerations

The cost of migrating to Microsoft 365 varies based on factors such as organization size, existing infrastructure complexity, chosen migration method, and additional required services or tools.

Schedule a call with our cloud specialists for a personalized, no-commitment quote, ensuring a cost-effective and successful journey to Microsoft 365. Contact Team Venti to embark on your migration with confidence.

Aranza Peralta

Aranza Peralta

Team Venti Brand Manager

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