Microsoft AI Powered Chat for Mental Health Support

In the last few years, mental health has become a topic that many people have finally paid attention to. Being one of the most important aspects that an individual has, many specialists have spoken up about the new technologies and methods Microsoft has brought to the table that can be used for mental health situations. Organizations such as Mental Health America (MHA) have been working hard around the issue. 

Between 2020 and 2021, MHA began a screening program; the results were heartbreaking. Of 89% percent of people that screened positive with depression, 79% did not want to pursue any psychotherapy or medications. With this insight, MHA was able to find a new solution: an AI-powered texting platform. Knowing that everyone’s processes are different, this platform may represent a more accessible, friendly new way to tackle their mental health conditions. 

As a low-cost platform, users may benefit from this type of support, engaging with text messages pushed through the day. In addition, this will help the user take the big step of seeking help whenever they’re ready. 

In SMS format, this AI bot starts conversations that helps its machine learning features to provide a more customizable experience. Experts hope that this solution can lower the feelings of judgment that often come with the will to seek professional help. At the moment, a deployment of said platform is being tested in a group of 10,000 users. 

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