Microsoft Defender for IoT: Reduce security risks


For organizations, having their sensitive data protected should be top of their agenda. Last year, ransomware and cyber-attacks led the U.S. to declare a state of emergency, due to the Colonial Pipeline attack, where the infrastructure and IT system of one of the largest and most vital oil pipelines in the U.S was compromised. Followed by data theft and infection of many computer systems, including billing and accounting. In that situation, the whole operations of organizations and institutions (in this case, affecting consumers and airlines along the East Coast) can be compromised critically. In this article, we will explore how Microsoft Defender for IoT can improve organizations and institutions’ security. 

Additionally, a Microsoft sponsored Poneman Institute investigation shows that 68% of senior management believe that IT and Operation Technology (OT) are critical to supporting strategic goals. A ransomware-like virus named NotPetya has crippled operations across different industries, costing over $10 billion in damages. Evidence shows that only 29% of organizations are under-prepared without any zero-trust architecture and only 37% have fully deployed multi-factor authentication. 

Knowing this information, Microsoft has acquired the compromise to help organizations improve their cyber security, to help them respond effectively against threats across their Internet of Things (IoT) and OT networks. With Microsoft Defender for IoT, which forms part of Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel, we help companies reduce vulnerabilities and safeguard data. 

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Microsoft Defender for IoT capabilities

  • Provides agentless network detection and response (NDR) designed to secure ICS/OT devices for all kinds of organizations 
  • Removes OT blind spots and easily deploy asset discovery
  • Integrates with external security operation center tools
  • Detects, manages, and prioritizes vulnerabilities while balancing the needs of operations and security systems

Protecting your organization’s integrity and ensuring your data safety is easy with the help of Microsoft Defender for IoT, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft 365 Sentinel. Talk with one of our experts today to discover how to implement these secure tools and protect your organization from any type of cyber attacks.


Aranza Peralta

Aranza Peralta

Team Venti Brand Manager

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