Microsoft Editor: Discover its new AI capabilities 

Microsoft Editor is a software that allows users to edit, write, and style in more than 20 different languages. Across documents, email, and even the web, Editor is an intelligent writing assistant with spelling, grammar, and style features. Now powered with AI capabilities, Microsoft Editor enables content to be written in a more clear, logical, and uniform way. 

What to expect of the new Microsoft Editor AI capabilities?

Aiming to help users express themselves in the neatest way possible, Microsoft leverages AI to assist them in new areas, such as tone suggestion, conciseness, and summarization. 

Tone suggestion in Microsoft Editor

It is a fact that writing emails to a CEO and to your work BFF are different in many ways. With the new Tone suggestion feature, you may receive valuable recommendations on how to shape a message for email, chats, and documents. 

Conciseness feature in Editor

To get alternate versions of different words in order to be clearer, try out Conciseness in Microsoft Editor. 

Summarization in Microsoft Editor 

Using AI, you may select a longer section of a text, and receive a much shorter, relevant summary.

Editor in web extension

To make the most out of Editor’s capabilities in the web and even on social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Google Docs, as well as in more than 20 different languages, try using the coming Microsoft Editor Browser Extension, (soon available for Edge and Chrome). 

Personal Toolbar in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

To create an intelligent, tailored experience, Microsoft will provide the possibility of creating your own, personal toolbar, with your favorite tools. Now in preview for desktop apps. 

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