Microsoft Teams: Accessibility tips for meetings and live events

As we mentioned in our previous article Accessibility in Microsoft Teams, technology is meant to make everyone’s life easier. Today we want to give out a few tips for organizers, producers, and presenters in MS Teams to make meetings and live events suitable for all users. 


Planning for any type of event is crucial. Prior to your meeting or live, make sure to ask the participants which type of accesibility they need. Adding this question to the registration form might make this process more efficient. 


Lighting and camera feeds 

Make sure to set the right lighting, as well as multiple camera feeds. This will allow lip readers to follow along and have a better view of the presenter. 


Right color scheme 

Speakers might want to wear colors that contrast with their skin color, so the lighting doesn’t wash out their face and makes lip reading harder.


Gather and share the material 

Remind presenters to make their material acessible and don’t forget to share the links to it prior to the meeting or live event. 

Enable users to have access to the recording of the meeting/live and the materials after the event. 


Include live captions 

Microsoft Teams has the option to present real-time captions in a meeting or live event. 

  • For meetings: You can enable live captions straight from the meeting window. 
  • For live events: While scheduling it just select the captions option in the language you will be speaking. You can also add up to 6 additional languages if needed by your audience.


Teams has multiple accessibility features and functionalities, Microsoft has a full guide for accessibility tips in Microsoft Teams meetings and live events, read it here. 

For more information on how to take full advantage of your Microsoft Teams or to schedule a business demo, please contact us.