people working in a perfect collaboration bundle

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint: The perfect collaboration bundle 

People often ask themselves which collaboration tool they should use, whether Microsoft Teams or SharePoint. However, the reality is that there is no such thing as a competition of one vs. Another, as they both have clear distinctions and can’t work as replacements for each other. These tools work together and are better together. 


SharePoint is a powerful document management tool and has basic features such as OneDrive sync client, document co-authoring, document versioning control, and more. It also allows you to organize and customize your sites and documents based on your organization’s needs and requirements. 

Microsoft Teams 

Teams is a unified communication and collaboration hub that combines chat, file storage, video conferencing, and integration with different Microsoft 365 products including: 

  • Exchange 
  • Planner 
  • Power BI 
  • SharePoint Online 

If you have been using Teams, you have also probably been using SharePoint and OneDrive.


Every team in Microsoft Teams is based on a Microsoft 365 group, and each one also has a SharePoint site. Furthermore, OneDrive is also based on SharePoint. 

  • SharePoint-Teams integration 

With this integration, users can collaborate, communicate, and share files with internal and external users, having access to the documents they need when they need it. 

  • Permissions 

Permissions on Teams allows real-time collaboration to the users that are part of these teams. On the other hand, permissions on SharePoint are intended to allow multiple levels of communication, collaboration, and file storage.  

Combining both collaboration tools, brings together real-time collaboration, communication, and a robust document management system, allowing your organization to have access to the perfect collaboration solution. 

Improve your organization’s workflow and boost productivity by enabling seamless collaboration for your team. You can purchase licenses through our sister brand Venti Exchange and start using these tools today. Or you can book a meeting with one of our Microsoft specialists to create a migration or optimization plan based on Microsoft best practices.