How to manage Teams’ notifications 

Microsoft Teams features are designed to improve collaboration. We know that between chats, channels, Teams, @mentions, and likes, notifications can certainly get out of control and make us lose focus.

It’s also super important to make sure you’re not missing anything relevant in your workstream. Here is a quick guide to help you tune Microsoft Teams notifications to your needs.  

As a first step, to manage your notifications: 

Manage Emails Notifications

In ‘Missed activity emails’, choose how frequently you receive emails for a missed activity or turn them off entirely.

Appearance and Sound Notifications

Customize your notifications from style to the Play sound.

Teams and Channels

Select which notifications you want to receive in Teams and Channels. Either the whole activity, just mentions & replies or personalized.

Turn off notifications for specific channels

Hover over a channel in your teams list and select More options > Channel notifications

Choose from All activity, Off, or Custom. When you select Custom, a new window will open that has more options.

Note: by default, channel @mentions are turned off and all new posts will only show in Activity.

Chat and Meetings

Choose the ‘Edit’ button next to the category to customize how you receive notifications for that category.

Turn off notifications for specific conversations

In a conversation, go to the top right corner of the original message and select More options > Mute.


You can get notified when a colleague appears Available or Offline.

1.Select People > Edit

2.Type and select the name of the person you want to follow

You can add as many colleagues as possible you want. To stop following someone just select Turn Off.

With this guide we got you covered! Now you can manage notifications according to your needs without being interrupted during your workflow. To learn more about Microsoft Teams features collaboration and productivity, check these articles.

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