Microsoft Teams JS SDK v2 is now generally available

For some time now, many organizations have trusted Microsoft Teams as their preferred collaboration hub. Having many productivity, communication, and collaboration apps has allowed teams to connect and thrive worldwide. Available in 181 countries, in 44 different languages, and with more than 270 million users, Microsoft Teams reimagined the working experience. This time, Microsoft has taken another step forward, launching a new Microsoft Teams JS SDK v2. Now generally available, this model presents the opportunity of hosting different Teams apps in other Microsoft 365 applications, such as Outlook and 

What is new?

This innovative model allows developers to duplicate an app in multiple host apps. With this, they are able to personalize and bring out features that are relevant to the host app. Microsoft is aware that many organizations use Teams to collaborate, Outlook to manage meetings via calendar and email, and to access apps and files. Because of this, having an integrated work hub can cut out inactive time and boost productivity. 


  • Deep host integration from a single app codebase
  • Modern JavaScript promises model instead of callbacks, and backward compatible
  • Add new code to your existing Teams app to leverage new capabilities without changing any pre-existing code

Is your organization interested in upgrading their Microsoft Teams experience? Definitely, you should be integrating the new Teams JS SDK v2. Let Team Venti’s experts guide you to the next steps to take.