Microsoft Teams offering more option with webinars and PowerPoint Live

If we think about it, it doesn’t seem that long ago when mobiles were for talking and texting. We used to have multiple products, like cameras, alarm clocks, and so on, that covered unique needsNowadays, those functions are centralized in all that mobile devices can do for us. The way we work, communicate, and collaborate is going through a similar transformation.  

The changes and challenges last year brought forth require more than the transfer of physical spaces into digital ones. It requires the need to adapt those new digital spaces to include more forms of communications.  

That is why Microsoft enabled webinars and PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams. Presenter mode will join later this month. The goais that within this single application, you could have an internal or external meeting. Whether it is a 10k attendant webinar or small meeting, it’s possible to host it here.

These capabilities are part of Teams continuous updates and do not require any changes or additional costs.  

Interactive webinars or view only for big audiences 

You can organize interactive meetings with up to 1k attendees featuring custom registration pages and attendee emails, rich presentation options, host controls, such as the ability to disable attendee chat and video. Or if you need more space, view only meetings for up to 10k  


In the 2019 State of the Services Economy study, 73% of the surveyed companies stated that, on average, they spend more than 1 hour a day changing from one application to another. Having a hub for all your communication and collaboration needs can help reduce this number.

Engage with audiences after the webinar 

Nurturing contact is more important than hosting the webinar itself. After the event ends, access reporting, which allows you to import data into your CRM.

Also, beginning this month, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing customers can export attendee data directly from Teams, to automatically create campaigns and customer journeys for ongoing nurture streams.

The integration between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing gives webinar hosts more ways to nurture their leads through all stages of their funnel.  

PowerPoint Live in the new share content in Teams 

To ease the challenge of presenting without a live audience, Microsoft is launching PowerPoint Live, which will allow Teams users to see the audience while sharing their screen.  

Simply launch a Teams meeting and instead of opening the deck and sharing your screen, you will be able to select a file under PowerPoint Live section in the new share content in Teams. 

These new features, like presenter view, allow the presenter to have a view private to them, where they can see notes and chats, while the attendees only see the active slide.  

Microsoft is committed to continue to update and improve Teams As Team Venti, ware committed to helping you shorten project timelines in the enablement of your remote work team, without compromising security, manageability, or end user support.  

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