Microsoft Teams: the powerhouse of collaboration

Microsoft Teams has been the protagonist of more than 270 million users’ work lives in the last two years. Whether its adoption was in the beginning of the pandemic or during this year’s implementation of hybrid work, it has been allowing teams around the world to remain connected, productive, and collaborative.

Being a hub that allows various kinds of businesses (education, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and retail) thrive in the digital work era, Microsoft Teams has allowed organizations to meet, call, collaborate, and chat during challenging times. With more than 700+ different apps, you can make sure that Teams will help your employees work smarter, not harder, while boosting productivity.

Key features inside Teams

As a productivity platform, Teams includes features that will provide the necessary tools to ensure your organization’s workstream, no matter where your employees are located. These key tools are made up of:

    • Teams and channels, which are places where people are brought together to work on projects or common interests. 
    • Chat function that allows immediate, basic communication among individuals, groups, and teams. 
    • Easy document share and storage in SharePoint, to help files be used simply among collaborators.
    • Store and sync files in the cloud with OneDrive, and let your organization have access to them no matter where they are in the world, or what device they are using.
    • Seamless, reliable, one-to-one or group video and meeting calls to improve communication and streamline collaboration. In addition, enjoy different apps that can help your employees schedule meetings, take notes, share files, and in-meeting chat.
    • Screen sharing from any device during meetings to facilitate collaboration through visual aids.
    • Full telephony, by supporting VoIP rich phone calls, no matter if you’re using a landline, mobile phone, or the Teams app.
    • Special solutions for frontline workers, workforce management, and staff scheduling.
    • Teams Rooms to enhance the new hybrid meeting experience among remote and in-office employees. 

Get Microsoft Teams through Team Venti 

One of Team Venti’s top priorities is to thoroughly understand your needs and requirements to implement the best plan for your Teams environment. By trusting Team Venti as your Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, you can make sure that your Microsoft Teams needs are covered with the following professional and support services. 

  • Teams Define and Design
  • Microsoft 365 Collaboration Governance
  • Microsoft Teams Deployment
  • Microsoft Teams Provisioning
  • Admin and end-user training resources
  • 24/7 critical admin Microsoft Teams support

Microsoft Teams is a team communication and collaboration platform that helps your organization work better together. As a cloud-based solution, it will also help you cut costs and increase productivity by improving workflow and collaboration. To learn more about how you can start working better together, contact Team Venti’s experts today.