Microsoft Teams will get its own Facebook-like social media

A new era of connection and communication among coworkers is ahead. Microsoft Teams is preparing a new social media feature that will emulate Facebook and even Instagram-like stories. Viva Engage, the new app inside Teams will strengthen social networking at work. Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid and remote work have become the new normal. With this, people have been struggling to feel connected among the rest of their teams in their daily work. According to the Work Trends Index, 43% of leaders agree that one of the greatest challenges of these times is relationship building. That is the main reason that Microsoft Viva Engage aims to unlock communications and empower teams by giving them a voice and a sense of belonging. 

A social media inside the preferred work hub

In 2012, Microsoft acquired Yammer, a private social network, looking to establish a business social media on Microsoft 365. This, with the objective of enhancing conversation among stakeholders. Imagining a quicker, immediate, and easier organizational communication environment, Microsoft decided to announce Viva Engage, a fully integrated app to Teams. 

Main features inside Viva Engage

While Yammer feels like an elevated SharePoint and Office experience, Viva Engage recreates the social media look and feel. Having a similar layout as Facebook, with posts, stories, videos, and images, it feels like a common place where coworkers can form solid bonds. 

The perfect way to build up a sense of community in your organization, or even brag about your new vacations in Cabo, without having to leave your work hub. Are you interested in increasing your employees’ engagement on organization and personal matters with Viva Engage? Book a meeting with one of our experts today to learn the next steps.