Microsoft tools to empower your frontline workers

Since Covid-19 emerged, we have witnessed remarkable examples of resiliency. Amid a global pandemic that forced millions of people to work from home to protect themselves and others, frontline workers showed unwavering dedication in keeping societies functioning despite the challenges they faced.

Even though frontline workers’ labor helped the economy run, digital transformation did not come at the expected pace to fulfill their needs. There is a debt that organizations have to frontline workers, and it should be paid by granting them access to digital tools that will help them satisfy their needs and reduce their stress. According to the Work Trend Index, when digital transformation is adapted by organizations, there is a significant stress reduction among frontline workers, meaning enhanced productivity. In this article, we explore Microsoft digital tools to empower frontline workers.

Microsoft digital tools that frontline workers should have access to

Depending on the industry, frontline workers have specific needs. However, looking at the core of productivity and communication, there are key aspects organization leaders should consider, such as:

  • Enhancing communication and collaboration
  • Transforming employee experience
  • Increasing frontline operational efficiency 
  • Safeguarding business

Here we present the different Microsoft tools to empower your frontline workforce:

To enhance communication and collaboration

As we know, communication is key in multiple aspects, and having your team connected efficiently is possible with these Microsoft tools.

Viva Connections

Viva Connections in Microsoft Teams is key for your organization to be on the same page. Allowing now to be pre-configured and pinned top on your frontline workers’ Teams. Viva Connections is now simplified in Shifts, Tasks, Approvals, and Top News. Talk to an expert to tailor Viva Connections according to your specific needs. 


Teams Walkie Talkie Push-to-Talk on Honeywell Devices

Allow your frontline workers to remain connected through Teams’ new integrated Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature. Forget about carrying around bulky radios and leverage communications through the power of Wi-Fi and cellular networks. 


Audience targeting in Outlook

Build a bridge between corporate leaders and frontline workers with effective communication through Outlook. Now allowing audience target according to job code, location, and department. 

Chat with groups and @everyone

Imagine communicating immediately throughout groups and using the @everyone tag. Now in general availability, this new feature will enhance the Teams experience. 

Transforming employee experience

Empowering your frontline workers by allowing them to grow and develop new skills is key to employee engagement. A way to ensure your organization’s mission and goals are driven in the correct path.

Viva Learning 

A way of providing continuous learning to frontline workers with new easier discovery and navigation improvements. 

Viva Engage Stories and Storylines

It is important for organizations to give the spaces for employees to develop a sense of belonging. By sharing stories, frontline workers feel heard and can contribute to company discussions.


Increasing frontline operational efficiency 

Connect your systems and data onto one single platform and empower your employees to become more efficient.

Teams Shifts connector for UKG Dimensions

A new partnership with UKG, that provides users with the ability to view and accept open shifts, request time off, clock in and out seamlessly and immediately.

Virtual Appointments

The new capabilities in Teams’ Virtual Appointments will allow employees that have direct contact with customers:

  • Visualize a simplified queue, to schedule and manage appointments easily
  • Customizable waiting rooms
  • Gain insights from queue, no-shows, and wait times
  • SMS reminders for appointments


An enhanced way to set up programmable actions for custom workflow or application creation. In addition, users will now be able to export approved data from a specified time period to a CSV file, create and manage simple approval requests directly from SharePoint Lists, and assign an approval to a tag in Teams. 


Tasks by Planner and To Do

With new API capabilities, you may use application permissions as well as allowing integration from external sources for Tasks. 

Safeguarding business

As we know, cybersecurity is an area that organizations should keep a close eye to. A weak and inadequate security can cost organizations a lot, therefore Microsoft integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions for the cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments. 

Shared devices

Microsoft’s new share device mode allows employees to sign-in and out from apps and use different devices without compromising data

Deploy Microsoft Teams at scale 

Get your deployment started easily and avoid inconsistencies using PowerShell. This new solution allows you to create teams using pre-built templates, or customize your own, as well as managing teams at scale. All of this, while being notified of any errors and the status during the deployment. 

Allow Microsoft Teams new features to empower your frontline workers

Microsoft continues betting on investing in Teams and Microsoft 365 to optimize communication, stronger employee experiences, agile operations, and security solutions to help organizations holistically. Talk to an expert to see how to apply these new capabilities in your organization.