Microsoft Viva Sales: Hand in hand with CRM to boost productivity 

Behold sales agents, the assistant you always wanted for improving your efficiency and close deals, is here: Microsoft Viva Sales. Designed for users who want to improve their sales, this new tool will allow them to use Office 365 and Teams to capture data into any CRM system

With this, sellers will be able to shorten times by logging data automatically and focus on what matters the most: connecting with customers. Set to be launched in Q4 2022, the main objectives of Microsoft Viva Sales will be:

  • Shortening mundane tasks like data collection and entry, by holding customers directories and statuses
  • Connecting data and gaining significant insights from each interaction. Since you’ll be able to connect Teams calls, chats, and Outlook emails, it’ll show you crucial KPIs
  • Closing deals, since you’ll be able to get AI-driven follow ups and suggestions for when to close the sale

Main Features

With Viva Sales, sales agents may be able to:

  • Assign contacts as customers directly in Outlook, setting up information, such as main interactions, key deals, sent or attached files, or any other important data right in one’s flow of work
  • In Outlook’s calendar, any assigned meeting will provide customer’s history of interactions with other agents and you may even see their LinkedIn profile for more relationship insights
  • Share in Teams customers’ information with your coworkers, allowing to collaborate seamlessly 
  • During video calls, Viva Sales will show the customer’s information, take notes directly, summarize video call keypoints, create a list of action items that were mentioned during the call, and even understand the overall sentiment from the call
  • By making customer lists in Viva Sales, you will be able to see all your customers’ interactions from Outlook, Teams, and CRM data, updated constantly in Excel

For further information, about this new powerful tool, do not hesitate on contacting one of Team Venti’s agents. We are happy to help.