Migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365: A Quick Review

Migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

GoDaddy is a common tool used by many small businesses for webhosts. As a first reach service for many, it might seem it includes most of the features needed for startups and other small businesses. However, with the promise of providing a version of Microsoft 365, it falls short of delivering the full benefits of obtaining Microsoft 365 directly from a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider), such as our sister brand, the 365 Cloud Store. Since GoDaddy is not hosted by Microsoft 365, you might want to reconsider choosing to acquire their services. 

Comparing Benefits: GoDaddy vs Microsoft 365 (From a CSP)

GoDaddy Services

  • First year pricing at $107.88 per year, starting the second year at $191.88.
  • Designed only for small businesses with no growth intention. Does not include tools such as Power BI, Power Platform, Dynamics, with no further opportunity of acquiring them.
  • As we mention, your GoDaddy experience is limited, so as your company and employee base grow, you may not be able to host them all, since it withholds a limited space of only 300 user plans.
  • No admin credential to customize your Microsoft 365 experience, since GoDaddy uses a limited version.

Microsoft 365 CSP

  • From day one of your deployment, you will enjoy the full benefits and features of your Microsoft 365 license, including Power BI, Power Platform, and Dynamics.
  • As your company grows, you might increase your Microsoft 365 license to its Enterprise plan, with unlimited users.
  • Use it as you need, let your IT team customize your Microsoft 365 account according to your goals and needs.

Microsoft 365 Consulting Services for your Business

Leverage our expertise and Microsoft’s best practices for a seamless Microsoft 365 migration
business man in an online meeting Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 Consulting Services for your Business

Leverage our expertise and Microsoft’s best practices for a seamless Microsoft 365 migration

How do I migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365?

After realizing everything you’re missing from a full Microsoft 365 license provided by a CSP, such as the 365 Cloud Store, we understand you want to migrate. This situation doesn’t have to disturb your operations. Let one of our experts help you start your transition smoothly. Your organization will thrive with this change from a limited and high-cost service to cost-effective, fully integrated plans with many great benefits that Microsoft 365 has for you.

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