New admin features in Microsoft 365 (second half of 2022)

During October 12, Microsoft Ignite displayed the newest updates on Microsoft technologies that will bring success to all kinds of organizations. Making day-to-day tasks easier to fulfill, these upgrades will allow employees to stay connected and remain in an optimal flow of work. As we know, for midsized organizations, it is essential to have an IT that addresses its needs and drives their growth. Therefore, new capabilities are being added to Microsoft 365 admin center. 

What are the new admin features in Microsoft 365?

Aiming to support the adoption of new digital tools for all kinds of organizations, these enhancements to admin capabilities in Microsoft 365 will help maximize your ROI and let users have the best experience. 

Experience insights were available before only for enterprises (+20,000 users). However, understanding midsized organizations’ needs, the new features focus on providing relevant data signals across usage and sentiment, as well as providing AI-powered training suggestions. 

Adoption Score brings anonymized metrics to assist IT admins understand Microsoft 365 better, by getting a full view of usage patterns and making the most out of your subscription.

Other new admin improvements 

  • A new software updates page, where admins may view if their organization’s devices and Microsoft 365 are outdated. 
  • A new Health dashboard that will help admins track the health of their Microsoft 365 environment, and show service health alerts, update status, and recommendations to optimize your Microsoft 365. 
  • Microsoft 365 monitorning to detect incidents or situations that are affecting your employees’ performance. 
  • A Global search feature, allowing admins to search throughout your environment for users, groups, and other Azure AD objects.
  • Regardless of your location, with the new Microsoft 365 admin mobile app you may access user administration, group, and license management, as well as support.
  • Migrating all your data from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 has become easier with this new feature, by simplifying the process by copying your content from Google Drive with Migration Manager.

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