Microsoft Teams new features in 2021

In 2020, change caught us all by surprise, in 2021 we are making the changes. Microsoft is constantly innovating and improving to help everyone stay in track, here are some of Microsoft Teams new features for 2021.


Dynamic view, which automatically arranges the elements while people start joining, talking, or presenting in a meeting.  

The view switcher allows you to choose the way the meeting content is arranged. If it’s either together mode, gallery at top, focus or full screen. 

For presentations, the Power Point Live feature allows the presenter to have a personal view of their notes, slides, or meeting chat. For participants, they can inquire the content at their own speed. 

Microsoft also included live reactions for more engagement and inclusivity. 


Webinars will be as easy to arrange as meetings with the new attendee registration and e-mail confirmation features. Plus, you can have up to 1,000 interacting attendees or a 20,000 view-only broadcast. 

Also, with the attending reporting you can now view who participated, and their join and leave time. 


End to end encryption for Teams 1:1 VoIP calls will be available for sensitive online conversations; organizations IT team will have full control of who has access to this feature. 

The organizer now could disable attendee’s video, to have more control over the content that’s shared during a meeting and to avoid distractions. 

Users will also be safe from malicious links with the Safe Link feature, when sharing and clicking links inside Microsoft Teams or any other Office app. 

Microsoft Teams New Features, Jared Spataro quote

These are just a few improvements on the app that’s made 115 million users work from home journey, easier and safer, if you want to know more details about these innovationsclick here. 

Or, if you want to get started with Microsoft Teams and give it its best use, give us a call! 

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