New features Microsoft Teams Fall 2022

Newest Features in Microsoft Teams (Fall 2022)

Microsoft Teams has been evolving at a rapid pace, and we are excited to share what Microsoft has added this month. Recently, collaborative annotations in meetings and intelligent chat translation on mobile devices were added to enhance the workflow of organizations around the world. These newest features in Microsoft Teams consist of the improvement of the front row experience in Teams rooms, making it easier to track your meeting notes, and introducing a new way for you to quickly share files with others. 

What are the newest features in Microsoft Teams?

Teams optimized for Apple silicon

Optimized now for Mac computers with Apple silicon, users with iOS devices from late 2020, can now be sure of having an enhanced experience in Microsoft Teams, even with high-resolution monitors in calls or meetings. 

Cameo in PowerPoint live

By integrating tour Teams camera feed in your slides, Cameo improves your presentation experience, making it immersive with optimal viewing.

Annotations in Microsoft Teams

Collaborative annotations in Teams meetings

Powered by Microsoft Whiteboard, this app helps everyone in a meeting fastly take notes on whatever is shared on the screen during a meeting. Perfect for immediate and insightful feedback. 

Language interpretation Teams call

Language interpretation

Allowing translation and interpretation in real time, this tool can help build meetings in a more inclusive way. 

Cameo in Microsoft Teams 2022

Select Together mode for everyone in the meeting

In this new upgrade, the meeting organizers can now select a Together mode for everyone in Teams, so everybody shares the same view.

Breakout rooms in Teams

Pre-assign channel members to breakout Rooms

For previous preparation for team building activities, you may now preassign participants within channel meetings into specific breakout rooms.  

More upgrades in Microsoft Teams solutions and apps

  • Transcription created automatically during call recordings
  • Ranking poll for prioritizing items to help effective decision making
  • Leave a meeting on all of my devices, now added to the Leave button
  • New background blur effects for Citrix and VMWare
  • Music on hold for call transfer
  • Block inbound federated VoIP calls
  • Front row experience update
  • Single and dual display mode
  • Share tray update
  • Pin and hide the room video for Teams Rooms
  • Intelligent chat message translation in Teams for iOS and Android
  • Dashboard customization in Teams admin center
  • And more…


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